My second vExpert Sub Program Award

Yesterday Corey Romero announced the members of the vExpert NSX 2018 sub program. This is my second vExpert sub program beside the vExpert Cloud nomination in 2017. I am particularly proud of this nomination, because I just started working with VMware NSX last year.

 vExpert sub program - NSX

My personal focus in VMware NSX is NSX as SDN “backend” for VMware vCloud Director. When NSX is used together with vCloud Director some limitations and special behavior needs to be handled.

One of the biggest challenges is to ensure the consistency of the VMware NSX configuration and the VMware vCloud Director database. That means that not all configuration in NSX are synchronized “up” to the vCloud Director database and the user frontend. That is the reason why I started creating my VMware-NSXvCD-Module PowerShell Module. With this PowerShell module the NSX API can be leveraged in a consistent way.

vExpert Sub Program Award

With the focus of vCloud Director and NSX these two vExpert sub program Awards fits perfect in my opinion. A third vExpert sub program is the vExpert vSAN. In my current job role is VSAN at the moment just a corner case but already a hot topic for our Management Cluster and also for the NSX Edge Cluster.  Maybe there will be some contributions on this topic in the future as well.

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